Last update (01-01-2024)

Return, Replace & Refund Policy

1. The buyer can return/replace the product within 2 days on the website from the day buyer received the delivery. will accept the product return/replace in case the product is damaged, item missing in the box, wrong product received. (Returns/replace will not be accepted if the customer has purchased these products – Software, Anti Virus, Computer Fan, Cabinet, Ink and toner Powder, Mouse Pad, Cleaning items, Custom PC Build PCs, Desktops, Wires, and cables) will not return or replace a product if it is found to be defective after a customer has purchased it. The customer can take the product to the service center for service or make a warranty claim with the help of Note that if the customer chooses to send the product to the service center with the help of Trex Plus, the courier charges incurred will have to be borne by the customer.

2. To return or replace the product, the buyer has to go to and request a return or replace under the return option where the buyer has to provide the order ID and select whether to replace or return the product and then select the reason for the buyer’s return or wants to take a replacement, have given some options here, the buyer has to choose an option (Why buyer want to return/replace the order). Then the buyer has to choose which method he/she wants to get his/her refund, in this case will give 2 options to the buyer, the first is to get the refund in my wallet of, the second option is to take the refund through (The refund will be made in the same method as the payment was made). Then buyer should share with us the unboxing video detailing what the problem is with his/her product. Then buyer has to click on return button. We will check the external request and notify the buyer via email. If the product is non-retainable, return or replacement request will not be accepted. In this case, the buyer can directly contact our customer support executive and explain problem in detail. (Please note that any unboxing video intended for a product return or replacement must be recorded prior to opening the product from its packaging. It is essential that the shipping label on the outer packaging of the product remains clearly visible in the video recording. This step is crucial in ensuring a smooth and efficient process for assessing and facilitating any necessary returns or replacements. Your cooperation in adhering to this requirement is greatly appreciated). No order return requests are accepted without an unboxing video & image.

3. It’s important for our buyers to be aware that our return policy has a specific time frame. If a buyer does not request a product return within 2 days from the day they received the product, they will not be eligible to return the product after the two-day deadline has passed. This policy is in place to ensure the efficient and timely processing of return requests and to help us maintain a fair and consistent approach to returns. We encourage our customers to review their purchases promptly and reach out to us within the specified time frame if they encounter any issues with their products. We appreciate your understanding of our return policy, and we are here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns related to your purchases. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to provide a clear and customer-friendly return process.

4. As a retailer, we do not engage in the manufacturing process of the products we offer. In the event that a customer purchases a branded product from our platform and subsequently receives it in a defective condition, we must clarify our policy regarding returns and replacements. Given that the item in question is a branded product, our company does not possess the authority to facilitate direct returns or replacements. Instead, we provide customers with a detailed invoice upon delivery, which is sent to the buyer’s registered email address. This invoice serves as the primary documentation for the purchase and contains crucial information. In the case of a defective branded item, we kindly request that the customer refer to the attached invoice. It is imperative for the customer to contact the official service center or customer support channel of the brand from which the product was acquired. They will be able to assist with the necessary steps for servicing or replacing the item. In summary, it is essential to understand that if any branded item purchased through is found to be defective upon receipt, our company is unable to process returns or replacements directly. Instead, the customer should initiate contact with the respective brand’s customer service department to address their concerns and seek resolution. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this procedure.

5. Once a buyer’s return or replacement request is accepted, we arrange for a delivery personnel to pick up the product from the buyer’s specified home or office address. However, there are certain conditions and considerations:

  • Buyer’s Decision Not to Return: If the buyer decides not to return the product after the return or replacement request has been accepted or if the buyer is not available at the specified address during the pickup attempt, the return or replacement process will be canceled.
  • Self-Return Option: In such cases, the buyer is provided with an alternative option. Within the next 24 hours, the buyer is required to pack the product themselves and courier it to the designated return address. The return address details are as follows:
    • Address: Bagula Bus Stand Opposite AXIS Bank ATM, Pin. 741502
    • Receiver: Sourav Dutta
    • Phone No.: 9083527119
  • Return Cost Responsibility: It’s important to note that the cost associated with returning the product in this manner will be borne by the buyer.

           This approach provides flexibility for buyers who may choose to manage the return process themselves if they decide not to return the product or if they are unavailable during the pickup attempt. aims to accommodate various scenarios while ensuring a fair and efficient return process for our customers.

7. offers flexibility when it comes to refund methods, and it allows the customer to choose how they want to receive their refund amount. Buyers have the option to select one of the following refund methods:

  • Refund to UPI ID: If the buyer prefers to receive the refund directly to their UPI (Unified Payments Interface) ID, they can choose this option. The refund amount will be credited to the provided UPI ID. Refunds to the buyer’s UPI ID may take a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 7 days to process. The exact duration can vary depending on the bank’s processing times and policies.
  • Refund to My Wallet: Alternatively, if the buyer prefers, they can opt to have the refund amount credited to their My Wallet. This provides the convenience of using the refunded amount for future purchases on The refund will typically be posted to the My Wallet within a shorter timeframe, typically within 2 to 4 hours after the product is received at our warehouse. This quicker processing time allows the buyer to use the refunded amount for future purchases on more promptly.

           This choice empowers the buyer to select the refund method that best suits their preferences and needs. is dedicated to providing a customer-centric experience and aims to make the refund process as convenient as possible.

Cancellation Policy

1. Upon the culmination of a transaction on, customers or purchasers contemplating the cancellation of their order are encumbered by a stipulated cancellation fee of (5% of order value + Rs.150). This indispensable cancellation protocol may be seamlessly executed by initiating communication with our dedicated customer support team, accessible through the dynamic channels of WhatsApp at +91 9083527119 or the established email conduit at In a divergent approach, customers retain the autonomy to rescind their order during the delivery juncture by actively engaging with the designated delivery personnel. This entails the dissemination of a One-Time Password (OTP) to the delivery representative. It is imperative for customers to exercise judicious discernment, rigorously vetting the accuracy of the OTP before its disclosure. It is of utmost importance to underscore that explicitly absolves itself of any responsibility in instances of encountering scams, deceptive practices, or fraudulent activities associated with the sharing of OTPs. Consequently, we ardently advocate for customers to exercise heightened vigilance, adhere to robust security practices, and exercise due diligence throughout the entire cancellation process to mitigate potential risks and fortify a secure and trustworthy transactional environment. Your commitment to these precautions is integral to fostering a secure and reliable interaction with

2. In the intricate domain of Custom PC Builds, should a perceptive customer or buyer choose to navigate the pathway of order cancellation for their personalized computing solution, it becomes incumbent upon them to acknowledge and comply with the application of a specified cancellation fee amounting to Rs. 1000. This designated fee transcends a mere perfunctory imposition; rather, it represents a purposeful and calculated measure intended to offset the intricate tapestry of administrative overheads and the extensive spectrum of processing expenses intricately interwoven into the orchestration of a cancellation procedure. This stipulation, emblematic of our unwavering commitment to operational transparency, finds its roots deeply embedded in our institutional policies, standing as a testament to our steadfast dedication to fostering a transactional framework characterized by both luminous clarity and unswerving equitability. The implementation of this cancellation fee, far from being an arbitrary imposition, emerges as a conscientious measure designed to achieve a delicate equilibrium between honoring the inherent flexibility in customer preferences and safeguarding the operational viability that serves as the bedrock of our commitment to delivering a superlative customer experience. Our larger aspiration, encapsulated within the tenets of this policy, is to orchestrate an operational milieu that not only meets but transcends the expectations of our esteemed clientele within the realm of Custom PC Builds. By threading the needle between customer accommodation and the fiscal exigencies intrinsic to our service provisions, we fervently endeavor to uphold an unwavering standard of service excellence. In extending this nuanced approach, we earnestly anticipate and value the discerning understanding of our esteemed customers, recognizing the rationale underpinning this policy as an indispensable element in our overarching commitment to sustained quality, operational integrity, and the enduring satisfaction of our valued clientele within the domain of Custom PC Builds.