Sell your products to crores of customers across India

Sell your products to crores of customers across India

Why sell on Trexplus.Com?

Because you’ll showcase your products to many customers & businesses – 24 hours each day – on India’s most visited shopping destination. quite 5 Thousand businesses, big and little , sell on Trexplus today. Start your selling journey with us and expand your business reach.


Secure payments,

Funds are safely deposited directly to your

bank account, even for Pay on Delivery

orders, every 7 days.

Ship your orders,

Whether you choose Fulfillment by

Trex Plus or Easy Ship, let us take

care of delivering your products.

Services to help you
through every step

Get paid support from Trex Plus

impaneled third party professionals

for product photography, account

management and much more.

Grow and expand your business

Advertise and get your products

With a chance to be visible on page 1 of Trex Plus searches,

targeted ads can help boost your sales. What’s more, you

pay only when customers click.

Sell Globally to customers around
the world

When you sign up for Trex Plus Global Selling,

you can reach customers All-Over-India,

and give your products global reach.

Popular categories to sell online

Sell Computers

Sell Laptops

Sell IT Accessories

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Sell Tea

Sell Home Products

Sell Headphones

Sell Grocery

Sell Cosmetics

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Sell Kitchenware