Become an Trex Plus Seller

Sell on Trex Plus, Bagula’s most visited shopping destination and discover #trexplusrocketspeed

Become an Trex Plus Seller

Create an account and list your products on Trex Plus. Without GST Number, Pan Card, Bank Account and Business Proof. It is 100% Safe and hassle free.

Customers place orders

Not only regular customers orders, you can also receive bulk purchases from business. With advertising, you can maximize your exposure

Deliver your product

When you sell on Trex Plus, you can choose how storage, packaging, delivery & returns are handled. With FBA or Easy Ship, Trex Plus will handle delivery & customer returns. You can also choose to ship the product yourself.

You get paid for your sales

Funds from your completed sales will be deposited in your bank account (Deducting Trex Plus fees ‘3% + Rs.49’) every 3 days, even for Pay on Delivery orders.