Product Return & Replace

1. You can return or replace the product within 2 days on the website from the day you received the delivery. If you do not return or replace your product within 2 days then we will not accept any return or replacement.

2. If you have to return the product, you must make an unboxing video & photos of the product. We cannot return the product without any unboxing video & photos. Remember that this unboxing video starts from the time you cut the first packet.

3. You can take the product to the service center of the company to get the warranty of the product.

4. Your refund amount will be refunded to your bank account or your UPI ID or in your My Wallet. It is up to you to choose how you want to get the refund amount.

5. If you want to replace your product and at that time if that product is out of stock on our website ( then you will not be able to replace that product you will have to return that product.

6. The product will be returned or replaced if the product is Defective, Damaged, Item(s) Missing & a Wrong Product.

7. If our pickup boy is not available in your area then you need to pack your replacement or return the product by yourself and send it to this Address – Bagula Bus Stand Opposite AXIS Bank ATM, Pin – 741502, State – West Bengal, Receiver Name – Sourav Dutta. After your product arrives at our office, we will check the product and if you have made a replacement, we will re-pack the replacement product (New Product) and send it to you. If you have returned, we will check your product and refund your money. Remember that since you are couriering this product on your own, you will have to bear the cost of that particular courier. If you courier the product yourself, we will not refund you the courier money. We have Pickup Boy available in the following pin codes 741502, 741101, 741102, 741103, 741501, 741201, 741202, 741232, 741255, 741256, 741507.

8. If you want to get your refund amount in Trex Plus My Wallet, then that will be provided to you instantly. If you want to take the refund amount through your bank account or UPI ID then it can take 5 to 15 working days according to your bank.

9. If the customer has mistaken the account number or UPI ID or IFSC code of the bank while taking the refund, the authority ( will not take any responsibility.

10. We will manually verify the reason you are returning or replacing the product after it reaches our office. If we see in the manual verification that you are returning or replacing the product for a fake reason, we will not make it grand. We will do a video during the manual verification and that video will be sent to you and the product you are returning or replacing will be re-packaged and sent back to the address where the product was delivered for the first time and the delivery charge of Rs.150 will be taken from that customer.

11. If you have the same product replaced twice, you will have to accept the product that you can neither replace nor return and refund.

12. If there is any problem with the product during the warranty period after purchasing the product from our website (, you will have to contact the customer care of that product. In this case, we will not take any responsibility.

Cancel Order

  1. If you order a product that is not available to us and the website shows that it is available but we could not upload the website, we can cancel your order from here. The customer has nothing to do here.
  2. In this case if the customer made the payment online then the full amount will be refunded to his bank account.
  3. Customer can cancel any product after ordering within 6 hours. If customer does not cancel the product within 6 hours, even if the product is canceled, we will not be able to accept cancellation from here after 6 hours. 
  4. If any money is deducted from the customer’s account during checkout and the money is not credited to our account, we will be forced to cancel the customer’s order. In this case, the customer has to go to the bank from which the payment has been made and contact. If the money goes into our bank account, we will process the order and give him a product.
  5. If the customer is ordering the product from an area where we are not able to deliver the product then we can cancel the customer’s order from here. In this case, the customer will not be able to take any legal action against us.