Order Booking

To book the order you need to click on the book now button and go there then pay your booking amount. The booking amount is taken for one reason only and that is to secure that you will receive the product we send you. We will store your booking amount information 100% securely on our website. The booking amount is not an extra charge on the value of your product. We are explaining to you through an example. The example is – suppose you are purchasing a product whose price is 20000. It must be an expensive product, so we have taken a booking amount of Rs.500 from you. Now the remaining Cash On Delivery amount is Rs.19500. When our delivery boy goes to deliver the product to you, you will collect your product by paying Rs.19500 to the delivery boy. Please note that we only charge the booking amount in Cash On Delivery orders and only if the product is expensive otherwise we do not collect any booking amount from you. The booking amount is non-refundable once the product is booked.